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Customer Success: Global Financial Services Company Overcomes Challenge of Complex Client Data Integration With Centerprise

By |2013-12-02T12:50:42+00:00December 2nd, 2013|

Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator has helped this diversified global financial services holding company succeed in overcoming the challenge of integrating on a daily basis mass account transfers from incoming clients, most of whom have disparate data systems using fixed length, Excel, and SQL database formats that must be transformed into the main SQL database format. Frequently, data does not conform to existing layouts, adding to the complexity and delays in validating and processing.  Because new clients join the company constantly, data integration is an ongoing challenge.

The data integration team, which consists of both developers and business users, was previously struggling with the idiosyncrasies of SQL server integration (SSIS) software, which was difficult to work with and required large amounts of time and resources to build the packages needed to merge data from all the different client data sources and get a semi-complex dataflow to work well enough to be integrated into the server.

The team chose Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator because of its user-friendly, unified environment, which makes it straightforward to create the many complex data mappings needed to transform client account data into the company standard data format to be integrated into the server. Centerprise provides native connectivity to all the common file formats such as fixed length, delimited, Excel, COBOL, XML, and PDF, and supports all encodings. This enables the team to address all of the disparate data formats and efficiently map and integrate incoming data into the company database.

“Centerprise has saved our company significant programming time and resources, as with our former tool we would have had to build complicated SSIS packages to transform huge amounts of disparate incoming data. There aren’t a lot of bugs in Centerprise and it works as advertised. Centerprise serves all of our complex data integration needs.”
– Application Developer

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