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As the volume of incoming business data grows, so do information silos across the enterprise. Data-driven innovation can only be made possible when data across these silos is integrated after converting and transforming it for consistency. This process makes the data intelligible to other business systems in the enterprise. Astera Software provides a variety of built-in advanced transformations to process complex data efficiently within a code-free environment.

Create dynamic, rule-driven data transformations using drag and drop operations

Before data is loaded to a target destination, it must be transformed to meet any format and structural requirements of the target database. This involves cleaning the data, applying business rules, checking for data integrity, joining data from two sources, and more. In most cases, one or more transformations are required to meet the technical and operational requirements, such as joining, concatenating, disaggregation, lookup, transposing data, validation, and others.

Astera enables users to process structures of varying complexities using the platform’s expansive library of built-in, advanced ETL transformations, including lookups, expressions, joins, unions, filters, routes, normalizations, denormalizations, tree joins, and tree node queries. Our cohesive data foundation allows information experts to build modular integration flows of varying complexity, refresh data automatically at preferred intervals, validate data, build individual record-level error outputs, and aggregate data quality statistics – all within an intuitive, code-free data transformation tool.

With Astera Centerprise’s data transformation solution, business analysts can reduce their dependency on IT departments and do away with manual data-related jobs while focusing on what matters most – extracting relevant insights from unstructured and heterogeneous data. Consolidate data from databases, spreadsheets, text files, REST APIs, and cloud applications using our native connectors, all within minutes. Using our data transformation tool, users can easily extract and create trusted, secure, and compliant data sets needed to improve business performance radically. You can also automate your routine data transformation tasks without writing a single line of code through Centerprise’s process orchestration and job scheduling capabilities, reducing IT dependency and time-to-insight effectively.

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