Astera Centerprise Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Accelerate data insights and build code-free data pipelines with single-click deployment through industry-leading Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Westlake Village, California, August 31, 2020 – Astera Software, a leading provider of data management solutions and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced the availability of their end-to-end data management solution, Astera Centerprise, on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and can be deployed with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure...

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a centralized repository of enterprise applications offered by Oracle and OPN members.

Astera Centerprise equips users with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that accelerates and simplifies a wide range of data operations through a code-free drag-and-drop UI that empowers users to take control of their own information assets. From traditional Extract-Transform-Load and Extract-Load-Transform (ETL and ELT) processes to data mining, parsing, profiling, cleansing, and validation. These capabilities are further enhanced by workflow automation, process orchestration, and job scheduling features, as well as an extensive toolbox of intelligent transformations that can help users accomplish even the most complex data integrations in mere minutes. By plugging into the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Astera Centerprise can now open up these offerings to a whole new class of enterprise customers who can evaluate and deploy the solution within seconds.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for Oracle customers seeking trusted business applications with unique business solutions, including ones that extend Oracle Cloud Applications. Oracle Cloud is an enterprise cloud that delivers massive, non-variable performance, and next-generation security across a comprehensive portfolio of services including SaaS, application development, application hosting, and business analytics. Customers get access to leading to compute, storage, data management, security, integration, HPC, artificial intelligence (AI), and Blockchain services to augment and modernize their critical workloads. Oracle Cloud runs Oracle Autonomous Database, the industry’s first and only self-driving database.

“As a longstanding Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)member, Astera Software has constantly worked to enhance our offerings through the Oracle ecosystem. This move to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace is the next logical step in the process.” Said Astera Software’s COO, Jay Mishra. “By deploying on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, users now have the ability to build, test, and deploy dataflow pipelines in the cloud without sacrificing anything in terms of performance or user experience. Whether they are exchanging data with external partners, setting up BI dashboards, or consolidating disparate sources from across their enterprise, customers can leverage Centerprise’s full capabilities in the Oracle Cloud.” 

“The cloud represents a huge opportunity for our partner community,” said David Hicks, vice-president, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle. “Astera Software’s commitment to innovation with the Oracle Cloud and quality execution to help our mutual customers receive cloud-enabled data integration solutions that are tailored to their critical business needs.”

 About Astera Software

Astera Software is a rapidly growing provider of enterprise-ready data solutions that helps clients bridge the data-to-insight gap with a high-performance, user-friendly data management platform. Their solutions help solve critical business challenges in various areas, such as data extraction, data quality, data preparation, data warehousing, and electronic data interchange (EDI). Astera Software’s products are deployed across a wide variety of industries, with clients ranging from mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies.

Ultimately, the company aims to offer the same level of usability to both developers and non-developers alike, thus allowing business users to spend less time managing their data and more time gaining value from it. With the help of Astera Software’s award-winning solutions, organizations can better harness the power of their information assets and move towards a truly data-driven future. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter at @AsteraSoftware.

About Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is Oracle’s partner program designed to enable partners to accelerate the transition to the cloud and drive superior customer business outcomes. The Oracle cloud marketplace or OPN program allows partners to engage with Oracle through track(s) aligned to how they go to market: Cloud Build for partners that provide products or services built on or integrated with Oracle Cloud; Cloud Sell for partners that resell Oracle Cloud technology; Cloud Service for partners that implement, deploy and manage Oracle Cloud Services; and License & Hardware for partners that build, service or sell Oracle software licenses or hardware products. Customers can expedite their business objectives with OPN partners who have achieved Expertise in a product family or cloud service.  To learn more visit:

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