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Whitepapers and Tutorials

Get Your Data Under Control in 5 Steps

ReportMiner Tutorial

White Paper: Data Integration for
Business Users

White Paper: Solving Complex
Hierarchical Data Integration Issues

White Paper: Data Mapping--the Foundation of System Integration

White Paper: Maximizing Data Warehouse Capabilities with Software Tools


Centerprise Best Practices:
High Volume Data Warehouse


White Paper: Why Choose Astera
Over Informatica?


White Paper: Ten Reasons to
Choose Centerprise Over SSIS


White Paper: Human Readable Reports and the Data Trapped Within


Tutorial: Centerprise Integration with MS Dynamics


Commercial Open Source vs. Proprietary Data Integration Software


ETL for Reliable and Efficient Data Movement


Why Choose ReportMiner Over Monarch?


COBOL Data Extraction with Centerprise

ReportMiner OCR Best Practices

State of the Art of Data Extraction

PDF Data Extraction

Liberating Data from PDF Documents


        Hierarchical Data Integration For Business Users

Automated Data Extraction

Pushdown Optimization Mode in Centerprise

Managing Slowly Changing Dimensions in Centerprise


How to Manage Slowly Changing Dimensions in Centerprise

Build vs. Buy

Build vs. Buy - How it applies to Enterprise Data Integration Software


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