Why Choose ReportMiner: A Complete Tool Evaluation Guide2021-01-29T15:07:29+00:00

ReportMiner vs. Monarch

“I am a Monarch user for several years and switched to Report Miner which is far better than Monarch.”

Honey Ranario, CFO Arlington Orthopedic Associates

Astera ReportMiner is a user friendly, enterprise-grade data extraction software that enables business users to extract information trapped in unstructured sources without writing any code. Furthermore, rule-based data extraction and process orchestration capibilities empower business users to create repeatable processes for unstructured data.

The solution supports a range of sources, including emails, PDFs, Excel files, machine logs, and more. If you are evaluating a data extraction tool, this comparison guide will help you decide the best solution for your enterprise needs by giving an overview of ReportMiner and offering a side-by-side comparison with Altair Monarch.

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