Superior Data Management Solutions to Solve Education Challenges

Despite recent advancements in technology, the education sector has struggled to capitalize on the new opportunities afforded by big data. As a result, a significant number of educational institutions still make decisions that are based on assumptions, rather than facts and metrics.

At Astera Software, we understand that smart decisions can be made only when all of the data related to people and processes is consolidated. Therefore, we offer a suite of data extraction, integration, warehousing, and EDI solutions to empower educational institutions with the power of data and improve the way they teach students and manage academic operations.

Universities collect student data at various points of the student lifecycle, ranging from recruitment to alumni outreach. By enabling integration of disparate data sources, Astera Centerprise provides institutions a unified view of student data, thereby offering them the opportunity to make improvements to the learning experience.

The information ecosystem of a university comprises of multiple databases and CRM systems. Our data integration solution offers university administrators a comprehensive view of data assets by enabling integration of all modern and legacy data sources without the need of manual coding.

The increasing complexity of IT infrastructure has made it a challenge for educational institutions to unlock the value of information. Our data warehousing solution solves this problem by consolidating, validating, and integrating the information residing in data silos and making it available for analyses and reporting.

Aging IT infrastructure and legacy applications have held many educational institutions back from implementing new technologies. Our data integration solution helps universities extract, transform, and integrate legacy data coming from old software solutions, legacy databases, and file-based sources with modern data streams to create a campus-wide information system within their constraints of resources and budget.

The ability to share student information not only facilitates the transfer of a student from one school to another, but it also enables teachers to support students with special education needs. Our EDI solution makes this possible by providing the education sector a platform to share information in a secure, seamless, and standardized manner.

Educational institutions are constantly dealing with paper-based records. Astera ReportMiner, our data extraction solution, provides a swift and simple way to extract crucial information from student transcripts, test results, enrollment forms, and other unstructured data files, thereby helping universities to save the time and resources spent on manual keying of data.

With a user-friendly interface and the ability to define workflows, Centerprise helped the university automatically retrieve and map data from money managers to endowment tracking software.


After a careful evaluation of multiple ETL tools, the company chose Centerprise for its low training needs, extensive data transformation and profiling features, and process orchestration capability.


Centerprise helped the IT department of the university build integration projects quickly and save the time previously spent on hand coding to extract and transform student data.


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