Empowering Governments with Automated Data Integration Solutions

In this era of big data, public sector institutions have more data available than ever before. But data is of little value unless it is validated and integrated to give a complete picture of the public, society, and operations.

Astera Software, a data management and integration platform, aims to help the public sector make the optimal use of this valuable asset with its suite of data integration, extraction, warehousing, and EDI solutions. Equipped with a high-performance, parallel-processing ETL engine, our data management solution helps governments glean insights from their massive data stores and use them to increase productivity, forecast future demand for services, and improve resource allocation.

Many government agencies and public sector organizations have legacy infrastructure in place. Extracting data from such systems requires lots of manual effort. Our public sector data integration solution is equipped with the right data connectors that can easily extract, transform, and load (ETL) legacy data to modern data warehouses.

Whether the data is on premise or in the cloud, if it is poorly integrated and lacks data governance, public sector organizations can use Astera products to turn this big data into ingestible and manageable data chunks that can be analyzed to get reliable and actionable business insights. Our public sector data management platform can also collect data from modern data sources such as cameras, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and can deliver it through batch processing or through real-time streaming.

More than ever, government agencies have to exchange data with other agencies, as well as with private enterprises to deliver on their mission of fulfilling the needs of citizens today. With support for all X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets, Astera’s EDI solution enables public agencies to share data in a fast and secure manner.

For public institutions, data integration is not just a question of volume. It’s about managing both structured data stored in relational databases and unstructured data streams, such as emails, PDF forms, and social media. Our data integration solution offers governments the capability to integrate data of any complexity, size, or format to gain a more holistic view.

Astera enables the public sector to take full advantage of modern analytics and drive the most value of legacy data by offering support for COBOL data files and copybooks. Using Astera Centerprise, COBOL data can be easily converted into a compatible format and integrated with a database or reporting tool.

The solutions to challenges faced by public agencies are hidden within the massive datasets that governments have gathered over decades. With our automated data warehousing solution, we help governments convert data from disparate sources into high-quality information and use it to manage services, analyze past efforts, and plan for future.

Government Organizations That Employ Our Data Management Solutions

The information systems (IS) department of City of Lodi uses Centerprise to integrate data contained in DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases and share it with internal and external customers.


With over 300 users accessing its database for production and reporting purposes, Metro Housing Authority chose Centerprise Data Integrator for its performance, ease of use, and reliability.


Responsible to administer the finances of the UMC, the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) chose Centerprise as its preferred ETL tool due to its ease of use, performance, and cost-effectiveness.


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