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Big data has left a significant impact on several industries, and its ability to uncover profound insights, improve resource utilization, and reduce costs makes it a crucial asset for the healthcare industry as well.

Astera Software provides a suite of data solutions to help both payers and providers leverage data at every step of the healthcare cycle: from medical research, to patient experience and outcome, to eligibility verification and collection.

With our healthcare data integration solutions, medical services can improve the performance of critical systems, reduce infrastructure costs, and tap into untapped healthcare big data to explore data-driven opportunities. Moreover, healthcare professionals can use our medical data integration solutions to automate and integrate EMR & EHR services. Our platform also offers a Single Version of Truth (SVOT) through 360-degree view of patient data with access control for healthcare professionals so that they can easily manage and analyze data that requires attention.

Astera Software healthcare data integration solutions can help healthcare and medical practitioners get data insights to prevent fraudulent claims, improve data quality, ensure data governance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, and reduce data management costs.

*The video demonstrates one of the many use-cases that our product can solve for the healthcare industry

Astera Centerprise allows you to:

Healthcare organizations collect data in many formats, using different technologies and data standards dependent upon the care setting. Astera Software offers healthcare providers the ability to integrate data from any source to fuel clinical insight, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance with its enterprise-grade data integration solution.

Astera Software enables HIPAA-compliant data exchange with its EDI solution that offers support for all healthcare IT standards, including HL7 and HIPAA. Data collected from any clinical or enterprise application, insurance provider, or any other partner can be easily transformed into the required format using EDIConnect’s message building and parsing capabilities.

Rapid technological advancements, adoption of ICD-10, and the shift toward value-based care have all compelled healthcare providers to modernize their IT infrastructure. Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator eases the transition from legacy systems to modern Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems with its superior data migration and profiling capabilities.

Jump-start the design and implementation of an enterprise data warehouse with DWAccelerator. The data warehousing solution allows healthcare providers to integrate data from electronic medical records, financial, back office, research, and other systems, and build a single source for analyses and reporting.

From patient-generated health data, such as wellness diary entries and comment cards, to paper-based lab reports, insurance claims, and authorization letters, nearly 80 percent of health-related information remains trapped in unstructured data files. Astera ReportMiner allows healthcare providers to extract meaningful information from all data streams and gain a 360-view of their data assets.

The amount of patient data available has grown exponentially, with payers having access to claims data, while administrative and clinical data remains with healthcare providers. Astera Software enables rapid integration and exchange of this data across the healthcare ecosystem with its EDI solution that supports all health- and insurance-related standards.

Astera Software helped Novartis Pharmaceuticals integrate, validate, and transform the forecast and sales data received from retail partners into a consistent format to be fed into a data warehouse. The task also involved transposition of periodic data into a normalized format suitable for analytics and reporting.


Astera helped the non-profit organization cleanse and integrate donation data collected from multiple sources in a consistent format. The organization previously used SSIS jobs, and decided to invest in Centerprise due to its user-friendliness, performance, and superior data integration capabilities.


Astera Software worked with Ralph-Brooks Federal Credit Union to help the company migrate hundreds of gigabytes of data from a legacy system to an internally-developed core banking platform.


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