Worldwide University System Overcomes Data Compliance Challenges for Title IV Student Aid Using Centerprise

“It all comes down to a need to document the full lifecycle of data from the time of application until the student no longer has an affiliation with the university. Centerprise has made the whole process WAY easier.”
Scott Lowe, IT Consultant




Established in 1970 to focus on higher education for the Jewish community, this university system has grown to serve a widely diverse population of over 19,000 students across 32 schools in 5 countries. The university is uniquely attuned to the importance of an education that accommodates students from all backgrounds and circumstances. From liberal arts to law, health sciences to technology, business, Jewish studies, education—and everything in between—this university provides educational opportunities and career paths to not only the most talented and motivated students but also those who have been overlooked and underserved, who have the drive and potential to succeed.


Data integration between ERP student information system and SQL financial aid system


Centerprise Data Integrator


The university system uses a DB2/AS400-based ERP system to host student information, while the financial aid system uses a SQL server-based data storage system. In order to comply with federal student aid programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965, the university needed to keep its student data up to date, accurate, and complete within its financial aid system.

Since the two systems needed to have students’ data in sync, the IT department had implemented an integration solution that was a mix of hand coding and disparate software products. This solution worked in some cases, but it was difficult to manage and maintain. For example, if a new field from students’ data needed to be brought into the financial aid system, it took a long time and hours of developer coding to make changes in the implementation.

Key Facts

  • Keep student information system in sync with financial aid system to comply with Title IV
  • Centerprise replaced in-house hand coding and disparate software products
  • New integration projects in Centerprise take only a few hours to design and changes take a few minutes
  • The two systems are automatically updated daily, keeping all data complete and accurate

Business Needs

The university needed a single solution that would integrate and maintain student data from both the ERP system and the financial aid system, keeping it current and accurate, as well as ensuring it met Title IV requirements. The solution had to enable IT to make changes to and update the data in both systems quickly and automatically, without hours of custom coding.

Astera Solution and Results

Implementing Centerprise, the university was able to replace all of the the hand coding and disparate software products being used to extract and transform student data. Thanks to its superior usability, Centerprise integration projects can be designed in a matter of hours and modifying the system takes just a few minutes. With the Centerprise built-in scheduler, student data from the ERP system is sent to the financial aid system every night, keeping the data complete and accurate.

Why Astera

Astera provided a complete solution in a single interface that met all of the university’s technical data integration needs and was affordable for a non-profit educational institution. The software’s advanced data extraction and transformation capabilities allowed the university to overcome its challenges for keeping both systems updated, and the Centerprise scheduler automated the process of keeping the systems in sync.

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