What is an EDI 303 Booking Cancellation (Ocean)?

EDI 303 is an electronic document that enables cancelling a booking request filed for an ocean vessel.  

The transaction set can also be used to cancel the request for the reservation of:  

  • Space in an ocean vessel 
  • Containers  
  • Equipment to be transported through an ocean vessel  

The data contents and format of EDI 303 Booking Cancellation (Ocean) are used for the electronic interchange of information. It is divided into various segments and data elements.  

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 303 Booking Cancellation (Ocean)

EDI 303 falls under the category of X12I Transportation transaction set. Forwarders and shippers use this EDI document to cancel the request of booking an ocean vessel for transportation and reserving space in it. It can also be used in combination with other transaction sets to provide information related to ocean carriers. 

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