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Empowering Data Professionals Through Intuitive Software Solutions

Data Integration

Data collection for business intelligence purposes is exploding thanks to emerging hardware and software technologies that enable the management and storage of almost unlimited amounts of information. Often data integration projects fail due to unexpected cost and time overruns. At Astera, we believe a data integration solution should be simple and seamless, freeing up decision-makers to focus more on the data and less on the actual act of integration. Centerprise offers a next-generation integration platform that distills complicated coding into simple drag-and-drop operations that can be performed by business users with little or no IT supervision. By offering a user-friendly and intuitive visual environment free of manual coding, we've significantly reduced the time and cost associated with enterprise information integration.

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Data Warehousing

Modern technologies enable organizations to collect and store terabytes of data from virtually any source imaginable. This presents a challenge to reliably integrate and store data in a way that allows for meaningful reporting and analysis for operations and business intelligence. Our data warehousing solutions streamline design, implementation and maintenance, all in an intuitive, easy to use interface.

Astera provides a solution with DWAccelerator, which empowers IT and business teams to deliver on data warehouse promises. DWAccelerator provides complete functionality for today's demanding data storage and analysis requirements, including automated integration flows, superior performance, usability, scalability, change data capture for fast throughput, and wide connectivity to popular databases and file formats.

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Data Mapping

Data mapping, is the key initial step in a wide variety of data integration processes that require converting data from one source into a format that matches that of the destination location. While there are numerous data mapping tools available in the market, most are not designed for complex, hierarchical data conversions and require workarounds, multi-step processes, and custom programming that are difficult to create and expensive to maintain. Centerprise database mapping software has been specially developed for complex data mapping. It reduces or eliminates the need for hand coding and automates many tedious tasks, saving human resource time and resulting in fewer errors and higher quality, more reliable data.

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Data Extraction

Astera ReportMiner data extraction software provides a complete solution for end-to-end data extraction and integration. ReportMiner enables you to liberate business data trapped in documents such as PDFs, PDF forms, PRN, TXT, XLS, and XLSX so you can integrate it into your company's main database for operations and business intelligence applications. With ReportMiner, data extraction from source documents is only the beginning of the data ingestion process. ReportMiner goes far beyond data extraction to help users achieve automated integration of data—from extraction, to sophisticated transformation and mapping, to load, and beyond to job scheduling and maintenance.

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EDIConnect is a complete solution for accurate and efficient bi-directional EDI data integration. It offers EDI capability in an intuitive user interface with visual tools to build bi-directional integration. With built-in transaction sets for incoming file translation and ingestion, advanced data mapping, validation, and correction capabilities to better manage data ingestion, fast and easy outgoing transaction construction, acknowledgement generation, and automation, process orchestration, and scheduling, EDIConnect delivers the power and scalability to meet the most demanding EDI needs.

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What our customers are saying.

"Great ETL tool, with excellent support. We have been using Centerprise for 3 years now, and it is used throughout our integration department."

Mike Ethertton Development Team Lead
- VIN Solutions /AutoTrader

"WOW Why did we wait soooo long? Centerprise has reduced our lead time for conversions and increased our efficiencies as a conversion team."

Don Smith Sr. SW Implementation Specialist - Software Solutions, Inc.

"I've found Centerprise to be one of the most comprehensive and robust data integration tools in the market. It provides an endless number of great features to address any data transformation need."

Marcelo Keppy Data Migrations Analyst - Heller Consulting
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Astera brings powerful data management and application integration solutions within reach of any organization. Astera's open source solutions for developing and deploying data management services like ETL, data profiling, data governance, and MDM are affordable, easy to use, and proven in demanding production environments around the world. For organizations looking to jump-start a big data initiative, Astera provides applications that accelerate data loading and other aspects of Hadoop setup by enabling developers and analysts to leverage powerful Hadoop technologies like Hadoop Hive, Pig, and Sqoop without having to write Hadoop code. Astera's ESB and data services infrastructure solutions extend proven Microsoft technologies like WCF and MSMQ to deliver affordable, flexible service enablement of distributed applications. To help enterprises improve operational performance, Astera also offers packaged solutions that support business process modeling and simulation as well as rapid development, testing, and deployment of process-oriented applications..NET, SQL Server and all Microsoft-related trademarks are the property of the Microsoft, and are used with permission.