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Data Integration in the Cloud2022-10-17T10:42:40+00:00

Combining the power of our industrial-strength ETL platform with the scalability and accessibility of our offerings, Astera’s cloud integration feature helps you build, execute, and manage data extraction and integration jobs in a code-free, faster, more resource-friendly manner.

Databases, enterprise applications, legacy systems – integrate it all with our cloud data integration platform.

Cloud to on-premise or cloud-to-cloud data integration tools are vital for leveraging the data advantage and managing the high volumes of data an organization collects from disparate sources. However, not all businesses have the resources to invest in an on-premise data integration solution. To help such enterprises easily integrate all the data points and gain a single source of truth using Astera Cloud, the end-to-end cloud-based data integration tool.

Whether you want to get data from a website or web app using RestAPIs or you want to integrate data from a legacy system to a cloud application, with built-in Astera Centerprise connectors both integrations are possible. Cloud data integration reduces the number of steps business analysts would go through during an integration process. Moreover, since the whole workflow can be automated, it saves numerous working hours.

In cloud data integration, users can perform all types of the source to target integrations including one to many, many to many, many to one, and one to one. With Centerprise and its data integration to the cloud feature, the users can easily create a unified data store that can offer accurate insights to make decisions with precision.

Featuring Astera’s industrial-strength ETL engine, drag-and-drop interface, and advanced data extraction and mapping capabilities, our cloud application integration software offers you a balance of performance and ease of use. In addition to streamlining your enterprise data management and exchange processes, the ETL cloud service delivers you immediate business benefits with shorter deployment times, less dependence on the IT department, and improved usability for developers and non-developers alike.

Easily Manage, Cleanse, and Consolidate Data Using Our Cloud Data Integration Software