Astera 10.3

Unleash untapped insights and limitless possibilities with advanced Generative AI capabilities and cutting-edge add-ons for data analytics and preparation.

Westlake Village, August 22, 2023Astera has recently announced the highly anticipated release of Astera 10.3, which comes with new, powerful AI capabilities to simplify and accelerate end-to-end data management processes. The generative AI capabilities enable lightning-fast data extraction, enabling large enterprises to swiftly extract valuable insights and make informed decisions. This new update also comes with new add-ons, Astera Data Prep and Astera Data Analytics, to help organizations accelerate data preparation and conduct advanced analytics, revolutionizing their approach to data management.

From AI-Powered Features to Enhanced Capabilities

Astera now offers AI-driven data extraction. Using generative AI technology, the new data extraction tool effortlessly generates templates for multiple files simultaneously. Specify the document type and layout, and intelligent AI algorithms will extract and process data from numerous documents 90% faster, saving time and resources.

Astera Data Prep and Data Analytics are two new add-ons to the platform. Astera Data Prep revolutionizes data cleansing, transformation, and preparation. It provides a drag-and-drop interface for efficient data processing. Astera Data Analytics boosts data science workflows for all Astera products. It empowers users to evaluate models, fine-tune parameters, and ensure accuracy effortlessly. The user-friendly interface streamlines visualization and collaboration, fueling AI initiatives and driving tangible business growth.

“Astera’s solutions are set to transform the data management and analysis landscape for businesses. By ensuring unwavering accuracy and speed across all data processes, our customers will experience faster and more reliable insights,” says Jay Mishra, Chief Operating Officer of Astera. “Our primary objective is to empower customers in fast-tracking their data-driven initiatives, and the new generative AI capabilities and new add-ons will play a vital role in achieving this goal.”

Astera has also rolled out numerous upgrades in its core solution. Astera Centerprise now features an AI Auto-Mapper for accurate field mapping, supports modern authentication, and streamlines version transitions, while Astera Data Warehouse Builder expedites BI-ready warehouses. Astera API Management ensures secure API integration with new features, including pre-built CAPI connectors, a developer portal, and multipart/form-data support.

To learn more about the updates, visit the 10.3 blog here.

A Unified Vision for the Future

Astera 10.3 signifies a bold step forward into the future of data management. This release is a testament to Astera’s commitment to providing enterprises with the tools they need to transform data into actionable insights. Whether it’s seamless data integration, advanced analysis, or efficient data preparation, Astera 10.3 empowers organizations to innovate, optimize resources, and achieve tangible results.

Discover how Astera 10.3 can reshape your organization’s data management processes. Download our 14-day free trial version and witness the power of the unified, all-in-one data solution.

About Astera

Astera is a leading provider of enterprise-ready data solutions. The California-based company empowers data professionals with approachable data management tools, including data extraction, integration, warehousing, electronic data interchange, and API management solutions. Astera’s objective is to put the power of insight and data-driven decision-making in the hands of every user.

For additional information and regular updates, visit the company’s website or FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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