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What is an EDI 108 Response to a Motor Carrier Rate Proposal?

An EDI 108 document is used by a shipper or a receiver to respond to the rate and service proposal from a motor carrier. Data contents and format of this transaction set are to be used within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange environment.

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 108 Response to a Motor Carrier Rate Proposal

Befalling under the umbrella of X12I Transportation, EDI 108 helps businesses and trading partners respond to the rates and services proposed by a motor carrier. The exchange of an EDI 108 document is a triggered event that initiates when the shipper requests a Motor Carrier Rate Proposal from the motor carrier. Upon receiving the request, the motor carrier prepares a proposal and maps it onto the EDI 106 format. The shipper, upon receiving the Motor Carrier Rate Proposal, sends their response in the form of an EDI 108 document.

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