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Introducing AI Capture2024-02-11T00:48:33+00:00

Introducing AI Capture

Capture all your unstructured data with the click of a button.

One Click Extraction

Create data extraction templates with just one click

10x Faster Template Creation

Build reusable templates in a matter of seconds

Truly Accurate

Customize extraction templates to fit your exact needs

Try AI Capture Out!

The following document is an invoice showing items bought from a supply chain partner.
Click on the circle to continue.
This page represents the ReportMiner main page.
Select the document from which you will extract the data.
The document is now loaded into ReportMiner
Click here to automatically generate your layout
The Model Layout makes the different data regions and data fields easy to access
The Output tab shows where these data regions have been created
The previewed data is available to see, and you can now export the data to a destination of your choice
Now, let’s have a look at the template that has been created to capture this data
The blue highlighted text shows the captured information captured in data fields
The rest of the data fields in the region can be found here
The other data region has only one field that contains the billing total
And finally, the data in the table has been accurately captured
Restart here

There’s Value in Variety

Whether you have ten document templates or ten thousand, you can automate extraction jobs within minutes.

AI Capture revolutionizes the way users interact with ReportMiner. Access your free 14-day trial today. Or read more about other features in ReportMiner.