Astera introduces the newest addition to the platform, Astera Data Services - a complete API lifecycle management solution. Learn More

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The new API Management solution allows businesses to effortlessly consume, develop, and publish APIs and securely share them with their stakeholders.

September 21, 2022, Olympia, London – Astera today launched a new code-free API lifecycle management solution, Astera Data Services, at Big Data LDN.

Big Data London is one of the leading data and analytics conferences that host data and analytics experts, technology vendors, and consultants from across the globe. In the two-day conference, attendees get to engage in panel discussions and meet with experts to discuss real-world use cases and learn about the latest products and solutions.

Astera showcased its code-free data management platform and its latest addition, Astera Data Services. Our team interacted with various conference participants and discussed opportunities to accelerate data-driven initiatives.

Astera Data Services is Set to Redefine API Lifecycle Management

Astera’s new solution, Astera Data Services, combines API lifecycle management and powerful data integration capabilities in a unified platform. The latest solution is designed to help businesses unlock their data and securely share it with their internal and external stakeholders through APIs and integrations.

The API lifecycle management solution allows users to consume APIs for easy data integration and application mashups. Users can design and test APIs in a drag-and-drop environment and deploy them in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. Astera Data Services enables users to easily secure and manage APIs in one place. Moreover, users can monitor API consumption trends through a live dashboard and convert API metrics into business benefits.

Talking about Astera Data Services, Mike A. O ‘Quinn, Astera’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “With everyone moving to micro-services based architecture these days, being able to able to pick and choose and combine different services in a drag-and-drop manner is incredible.  It really affects the ability to respond to changing data requirements quickly.”

Using Astera Data Services, businesses can create a connected ecosystem with seamless data sharing to rapidly deliver new digital solutions, foster new partnerships, and enhance customer experience.

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About Astera

Astera is a rapidly growing provider of enterprise-ready data solutions that help business users bridge the data-to-insight gap with their suite of user-friendly yet high-performance data management solutions, used by both midsize and Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries.

The products offered by Astera have been commended for their intuitive interface and advanced functionality since they provide the same level of usability to developers and non-developers, allowing business users to spend less time managing data and more time using it.

Since 2009, Astera’s solutions have been trusted by many government departments and Fortune 500 companies, including USDA, US Dept. of VA, Xerox, HP, Novartis, Raymond James, and more.

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