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The Code-Free API Lifecycle Management Solution

Build API-driven integrations in a no-code environment

Astera API Management

Develop, consume, and publish your APIs and integrations with zero coding.

An Integrated Approach

Create and manage your APIs and integrations in a unified platform and simplify data access.


Accelerate API development and management through one-click automation features and eliminate development silos.

Connected Ecosystem

Consolidate all applications and systems present in your enterprise stack through native connectors and create an integrated business architecture.

Readily Build and Publish APIs or Data Services Using Automated Flows

Design. Manage. Publish. Monitor.

Manage your entire API lifecycle from creation and testing to deployment and monitoring – all within a single platform. Securely share near real-time data with stakeholders by simplifying connectivity to applications and systems.


Enjoy the competitive edge of Astera’s powerful ETL engine to create code-free integrations and publish them through natively designed REST APIs to enable real-time data sharing between different departments within an organization, across platforms, or external partners without compromising security.

Accelerate the process of combining information from two or more web services and create an integrated application to increase standardization throughout the enterprise and reduce dependency on IT teams.

Build your services on top of a robust ETL infrastructure and use well-documented APIs to develop advanced communication applications. Innovate your existing systems by integrating them with smaller sub-processes and consolidating them into a single application.

Securely share large volume files between servers, applications, or file systems through APIs over an HTTPs link.

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Mario Ferrer

Cutting Data Integration Processes from 2 Weeks to 5 Minutes

Astera Centeprise cut down repetitive tasks that used to take 2 weeks to just five minutes, leading to cost savings, and increased productivity.

Mario Ferrer

Amanda Moede, Children’s Community Health Plan

CCHP Processes Health Claims EDI files in an Automated, Error-Free, Agile Manner

Astera’s Centerprise helped CCHP save time and cost by improving data quality standards and speeding up encounters’ processing

Amanda Moede, Children’s Community Health Plan

Gwen Conarton, Michigan Education Institution

MEA Automates Data Extraction and Integration Tasks to Build its Data Warehouse

Astera Centerprise helped MEA effortlessly build a data warehouse by extracting and consolidating data from multiple file formats, scheduling integration processes and automating data pipelines.

Gwen Conarton, Michigan Education Institution
  • Mclane Glob
  • Kofax
  • Reliance
  • Nissan
  • Am Trust Financial
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