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The latest data trends and insights for business transformation

An Introduction to Active Data Governance

The way that companies govern data has evolved over the years. Previously, data governance processes focused on rigid procedures and...




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A Guide to Automated Data Governance: Importance & Benefits

Automated data governance is a relatively new concept that is fundamentally altering data governance practices. Traditionally, organizations have relied on...


What is API Monitoring? Best Practices to Track API Performance and Metrics

API downtime can cost businesses an average of $140,000 to $540,000 per hour. Maintaining reliable and high-performing APIs has become...


Data Lineage: A Complete Guide

Data lineage is an important concept in data governance. It outlines the path data takes from its source to its...


Astera’s Guide to Marketing Data Integration and Governance

Customer data provides a treasure trove of insights into their behavior and preferences. Marketers must leverage this information to drive...


What is Streaming ETL?

What is Streaming ETL?  Streaming ETL is a modern approach to extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) that processes and moves...


Data Catalog vs. Data Dictionary vs. Business Glossary: Key Differences

What is a Data Catalog?   A data catalog is a collection of metadata that acts as a comprehensive inventory of...