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7 Crucial Data Governance Best Practices To Implement

What is Data Governance Data governance covers processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that help an organization achieve its goals...




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What Is Database Schema? A Comprehensive Guide

What is a Database Schema? A database schema, or DB schema, is an abstract design representing how your data is...


Data Provenance vs. Data Lineage: Key Differences

Data Provenance vs. Data Lineage Two related concepts often come up when data teams work on data governance: data provenance...


ANSI X12 vs EDIFACT: Key Differences

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a popular communication method that enterprises use to exchange information accurately and quickly with trading...


What is Data Observability? A Complete Guide 

What is Data Observability?   Data observability is a process that actively monitors an organization’s data for accuracy, health, and usefulness....


Exploring Data Provenance: Ensuring Data Integrity and Authenticity

What is Data Provenance?  Data provenance is a method of creating a documented trail that accounts for data's origin, creation,...


What Is Metadata and Why Is It Important?

What is metadata? Metadata refers to the information about data that gives it more context and relevance. It records essential...