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Effortlessly Publish Your APIs and Integrations in a Code-Free Environment

Develop and Deploy APIs and Securely Publish Enterprise Data Through A Unified Platform

APIs empower businesses to use data as an asset to streamline internal processes, enhance customer experience, and foster new partnerships. Using APIs, businesses can securely give access to data to partners and customers and develop a well-connected digital ecosystem within and outside the organization.

With APIs fast becoming the key to digital transformation, the need for a solution that allows you to readily consume APIs and rapidly design new ones increases. An end-to-end API lifecycle management solution makes it easier to manage and monitor all enterprise APIs in one place and securely share data with stakeholders.

Astera API Management is an intuitive, code-free solution for modern enterprises looking to leverage APIs for creating self-service channels. Our solution dramatically accelerates API-led connectivity. With Astera’s API lifecycle management solution you can create, test, deploy, secure, publish, and monitor APIs in a unified platform.

Increase Data Accessibility

Publish a consolidated view of your enterprise data by leveraging Astera’s powerful ETL engine and REST API support.

Accelerate API Creation

Quickly share real-time data with internal and external stakeholders. Instantly generate API end points or create API flows and publish them using Astera’s point-and-click interface.

Ensure Secure Data Sharing

Securely expose your data by controlling the access your enterprise APIs through tokenization. With our solution, you can also restrict access based on different user roles.

Automatically Create Shareable Documentation

Publish your APIs and automatically generate Open API documentation through built-in Swagger support. Make it easier for your consumers to know what APIs are available and how to interact with them.

Measure and Audit API Access

Once you’ve published the APIs, monitor for API consumption and server performance through a live dashboard and convert these metrics into business opportunities.

Drive Business Collaboration by Seamlessly Publishing Data with Astera API Management

Jumpstart API development by leveraging Astera’s integration assets. Instantly access popular databases and file formats with out-of-the-box connectivity.

Build complete API flows effortlessly within minutes. Use inbuilt functionalities to sort and filter API responses, and apply data transformations, quality rules, and pagination.

Deploy asynchronous API endpoints for managing event-driven tasks and enhancing user experience.

Create fully configured database APIs with one click and effortlessly deploy them on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment.

Use a centralized point-and-click wizard to manage and secure APIs. Easily activate and deactivate endpoints, define security roles, and generate Swagger documentation.

Troubleshoot design-time issues on the go through built-in verifications, detailed tracing logs, and instant data preview.

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