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Make Critical Business Data Accessible with a Relay Server

Securely Exchange Data Between Cloud and On Premises Systems

Exchanging data between cloud and on-premises systems can be a challenge, especially if you are bound by strict network privacy and compliance policies. A relay server allows you to securely expose data stored behind a firewall to the public cloud over HTTP channels, without compromising your enterprise network or creating a hole in the firewall.

Relay Server Architecture in Astera API Management

Astera API Management has a built-in feature, API relay, which creates a secure connection between your on-premises and cloud systems. The solution allows you to deploy a relay server in the cloud and an agent server on your system behind the firewall, without reliance on the IT team.

API consumers send requests to the relay server, which acts as a mediator between enterprise data and the outside world. The relay server verifies API consumers by checking their authentication. It then queues the requests and communicates them to the agents. The agents find the requested data stored behind the firewalls and send it to the relay server. The relay server then shares the data with API consumers

Maintain Data Control

Retain the ownership and control of your data and simultaneously enjoy the flexibility offered by the cloud.

Securely Host Applications on the Cloud

Create a secure connection and maintain data stores on-premises. Use cloud computing to host your applications using the relay server.

Meet Data Compliance Requirements

Protect your data to comply with data security laws, such as HIPAA, GDPR etc. by building a secure connection between the cloud and enterprise network.

Effortlessly Build Data Services Behind Secured Systems

With Astera API Management, you can easily design data services behind the firewall and deploy them on the agent. Our code-free API lifecycle management tool is equipped with all the features you need to develop, secure, and manage APIs and integrations in one place.

Take advantage of Astera’s built-in artifacts, such as connectors, transformations, and functions to start building APIs within minutes.

Publish single API endpoints or complex API flows with a few clicks. Autogenerate Swagger documentation to share it with API consumers.

Continuously test and validate APIs. Easily deploy test API flows to ensure that they meet the security and business requirements.

Leverage Astera’s built-in security framework to protect your data. Implement access control at any level of endpoint hierarchy. Use bearer token authentication to grant access to users.

Use a centralized browser to manage and maintain all APIs in one place. Easily activate and deactivate endpoints, define security roles and conduct run time tracing.

Use Astera’s live dashboard to monitor API consumption and usage. Get granular API request logs with complete information about request meta information and runtime statistics.

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