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Astera Recognized by G2 for Outstanding Customer Support

Sameen Faisal

Influencer Marketing & Digital PR Lead

March 21st, 2024

Astera, a leading no-code data solutions provider, is proud to announce that its data pipeline builder, Centerprise, is recognized for providing exceptional customer support. G2 awarded Astera three badges in its Winter 2024 Reports:

Astera Centerprise is a no-code, user-friendly data integration platform designed to streamline the processes of data extraction, transformation, integration, and warehousing within a unified platform. Its enterprise-grade parallel processing engine allows users to seamlessly create automated data pipelines for reporting and analytics.

These badges highlight Astera’s commitment to providing top-tier customer support and satisfaction. Winning the “Best Support” in data mapping and “Best Support Mid-Market” in on-premise data integration reflects the hard work and commitment of Astera’s Customer Success team.

Their focus on closely listening to and acting on customer feedback ensures they consistently exceed customer expectations. The “Users Love Us” badge is conferred following the accumulation of 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars, further demonstrating Astera’s strong customer approval.

Astera’s Award Winning Customer Support

Astera offers quality support, ensuring clients have access to live support, email, phone, and a community forum. The company’s implementation and support services are designed to optimize data management, reduce costs, and quicken value realization.

Astera is committed to offering unmatched customer support at every stage of the data management journey, from the initial onboarding process to customizing the product according to individual use cases.

Learn more about the positive experiences our clients have with us here.

About Astera

Astera, a leading data solution provider, helps bridge the data-to-insight gap with its high-performance, user-friendly data management solutions. Astera’s products, praised for their intuitive interface and advanced functionality, serve both developers and non-developers. Trusted by government departments and Fortune 500 companies like USDA, US Dept. of VA, Xerox, HP, Novartis, and Raymond James, Astera enables businesses to focus less on data management and more on utilizing data effectively.

Discover Astera’s offerings on G2 and learn how they can transform your data-driven processes, enhance functionality, and enable real-time decision-making. Stay updated by visiting Astera’s website and following them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About G2

G2 stands as the premier global technology marketplace for businesses seeking to explore, evaluate, and manage technological solutions. It ranks leading companies based on user reviews, serving as a vital resource for organizations aiming to make informed technology decisions.

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