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Big Data Toronto 2019: Post-Event Highlights

August 13th, 2021

Just like the 2018 conference, Big Data Toronto 2019 bustled with insightful talks and discussions around the advancements and latest trends of the big data and analytics industry. Astera Software participated as an Official Sponsor and showcased the capabilities of our products, Astera Centerprise, ReportMiner, and Astera Data Warehouse Builder.

Event Overview

Being the 4th installment of the event, Big Data Toronto 2019 maintained its reputation as one of Canada’s biggest gatherings of data scientists, thought leaders, and C-level execs. With over 150 speakers, 500 attendees, and 90 exhibiting brands, the Metro Toronto Convention Center became a hub for product demos, speaking sessions, skill-based workshops, and networking opportunities for two days. Key topics covered in the conference included digital transformation, big data, business intelligence, predictive analytics, enterprise data & AI, cybersecurity, and data governance.

Highlights of the Event

Big Data Toronto 2019 has opened gates to new opportunities for #TeamAstera, providing us with insights to stay ahead with the ever-changing data industry. Here is our version of the conference:

Speaking Session – Accelerating Data Warehousing with Astera Centerprise

Big Data Toronto 2019 has proved to be a great platform to present one of the major capabilities of our flagship product, automated data warehousing. Astera’s CTO, Mike A. O’Quinn, demonstrated how Centerprise can simplify and speed up data warehousing tasks in his speaking session, Accelerating Data Warehousing with Centerprise Data Integrator. He presented how Centerprise enables optimized and agile data warehousing by:

  • Accelerating the design, development, and deployment of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) in a code-free environment.
  • Ensuring scalability to accommodate your growing business requirements easily.
  • Facilitating integration with visualization tools for BI and analytics.

With Centerprise’s built-in data modeling capabilities, automated data mapping and data loading features, and direct integration with visualization tools, business users can accelerate the data warehousing process and perform analytics at an enterprise scale.

We Showcased Our Upcoming Data Virtualization Solution


At Big Data Toronto 2019, we took the opportunity to introduce our new data virtualization solution, Astera Data Virtualization. Our CEO, Ibrahim Surani, offered sneak peeks of the solution, giving visitors product demos, covering key features, such as virtual data models, load settings, caching, multi-table query generation, and more. The demos sparked interest in many, allowing us to garner constructive feedback for the new functionalities. The product is set for its first beta launch in Q3, 2019. In addition, we provided live demos for a variety of use cases, such as data integration, data extraction, data cleansing, data quality and validation, and more.

The Final Words

Canada’s big data and analytics industry is evolving at a rapid pace, with enterprises adopting agile data solutions for business-wide operations. Big Data Toronto 2019 served as a great platform for connecting with new prospects and technology partners and allowed us to showcase the latest additions to our product line, Astera Data Virtualization and Astera Data Warehouse Builder.

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