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Press Release: Astera Centerprise Bags the Gold Award at APICTA 2019

September 20th, 2023

Team Astera won the gold award at the 19th International APICTA awards for Business Services product category through Astera Centerprise’s automation and robust data management capabilities.

Astera Centerprise

Westlake Village, California, November 27, 2019 – At the 19th International Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards, Astera Software won the Gold Award for its data management solution, Astera Centerprise. The team competed for Professional Services in the Business Services category, showcasing a wide range of product capabilities and the significant positive growth the company has experienced serving customers from US, EU, Canada, and APAC regions. The 5-day event took place in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

APICTA is an alliance of various ICT organizations across the APAC region that work towards exploring and promoting Information and Communications Technology (ICT) innovations, and their capability to create a positive impact in the global market. The APICTA awards are designed to gauge companies in four main areas: uniqueness, market potential, functionalities & features, and quality & application of technology.

Astera Centerprise fared well in all the areas, securing top ratings from a panel of 5 judges and meeting the qualification criteria for the gold award. Team Astera presented how the product’s data integration and virtualization capabilities can help enterprises extract trusted insights from raw data for accurate decision-making. They further showed how the product has allowed businesses to experience up to 80 percent accelerated time-to-market, while saving costs and resources consumed in the process.

About Astera Software

Astera Software develops powerful, intuitive data integration, extraction, warehousing, and virtualization solutions focused on eliminating the complexities in data processes. Through continuous innovation, Astera provides products and services that are consistently acclaimed for their superior usability, intuitive interface, and high performance. This ensures rapid ROI and scalability to meet the most demanding data management tasks, as well as flexibility for infinite extensibility and deployment possibilities.

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