A Guide to Seamless Cloud Data Integration2024-02-10T06:48:40+00:00

A Guide to Seamless Cloud Data Integration

Most business architectures today are a combination of public, private, and on-premises systems. Research suggests that 89% of organizations have a multi-cloud strategy, while 80% are taking a hybrid approach. The biggest challenge of working with multiple environments is that it leads to data silos. Cloud data integration can help solve this challenge by tying down all disparate data sources and ensuring an effective flow of data throughout the organization. 

To ensure cloud data integration works, it is essential to implement it strategically, which means anticipating any challenges beforehand and having a roadmap to mitigate them.

This cloud data integration guide covers:

  1. All the common cloud data integration challenges you are likely to encounter and the practical solutions to overcome them 
  2. How you can use Astera Centerprise, a code-free and automated data integration tool to manage your multi and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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