Leveraging Data Virtualization to Enhance the Enterprise Data Warehouse2020-12-04T08:13:04+00:00

Leveraging Data Virtualization to Enhance the Enterprise Data Warehouse

In this data-driven age, businesses are on the lookout for agile data warehousing solutions to expedite analytical processes for better and faster decision making. And data virtualization is key to achieving the required level of agility. The technology insulates business users from the technical details of accessing source data, such as APIs, by exposing the desired data set in the form of a virtual catalog of enterprise data.

This white paper walks you through a step-by-step process of creating a virtual data model (VDM) when working with an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) through Astera’s Data Warehouse Builder. It covers three areas where you can utilize a VDM for your EDW with the help of a use case: 1. Data accessibility 2. Specification gathering and testing 3. Bringing in the data

Download the white paper to learn how Astera Data Warehouse Builder’s data virtualization capabilities can help you develop an agile enterprise data warehouse faster.

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