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Transformations Supported in Astera Centerprise Pushdown Optimization Mode


Although Centerprise’s ETL engine deploys smart processing algorithms and a high degree of parallelism to optimize the scalability and speed of large data integration jobs, this three-step process can still act as a bottleneck to efficient data delivery.


In pushdown optimization mode, Centerprise leverages the native computing capacity of powerful RDBMS to perform all necessary operations in a dataflow. This setting allows Centerprise to load data directly into target databases from where it can be enriched and prepared in native SQL code using the intuitive drag-and-drop transformations already available on our platform. This optimized extract-load-transformation (ELT) process is ideally suited to large data sets.


In Astera Centerprise 8.0 we’ve added native SQL support for number of advanced transformations, thus allowing users to reap the full performance benefits of ELT in even the most complex dataflow pipelines. This comprehensive guide will take you through each of the data operations now supported in Centerprise pushdown optimization mode.

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