Leverage Data to Achieve Operational Excellence

Today’s manufacturer faces an ever-accelerating pace of business, driven by expanding product portfolios, increasing process complexity, rapidly evolving customer needs, and demand for increased operational efficiency. The result is an ongoing need to integrate data among multiple databases, enterprise systems, and software applications.

Astera Software offers a range of enterprise-ready, user-friendly data solutions to help manufacturers break down data silos and ensure that their business is underpinned by the most powerful data insights.

*The video demonstrates one of the many use-cases that our product can solve for the manufacturing industry

Astera Centerprise allows you to:

Minimize onboarding time and ensure seamless communication with supply chain partners with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution. With support for X12 and EDIFACT, Astera EDIConnect also saves the time and effort spent on exchanging purchase orders, invoices, and other documents.

Manufacturing businesses collect vast troves of process, product, and customer data from disparate data points. With Astera Centerprise, we help enterprises integrate this information without the cost and complexity of custom coding and use it to track and improve operations.

Accurate data can drive efficiency and growth. Poor quality data, on the other hand, can cost a business time, effort, and money. With its superior data transformation and validation capabilities, our data integration solution delivers better quality data that can be used to accurately identify quality issues, improve process efficiency, and drive business value.

With our data extraction solution, manufacturers can easily liberate data trapped in unstructured data files, such as machine logs, sensor data, and emails, and integrate it with other data streams to gauge customer sentiment toward a product, improve resource utilization, or optimize product quality.

Take advantage of the ease of use, flexibility, and performance of our automated data warehousing solution to build a centralized hub for all your data. Leverage its out-of-the-box connectivity to popular data visualization and BI solutions to mine insights and discover new opportunities.

Importing vendor data into the company’s acquisition system previously required considerable time and effort. Centerprise, with its user-friendly interface and extensive data mapping capabilities, made data integration simple, easy, and quick for the company.


Astera Software worked with Ralph-Brooks Federal Credit Union to help the company migrate hundreds of gigabytes of data from a legacy system to an internally-developed core banking platform.


With out-of-the-box connectivity to mainframe, our data integration solution helped the bank transform brokers’ data to a predefined template readable by IBM mainframe and build a central data repository.


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