Aclaimant is an advanced risk reduction and incident management system that enables businesses to prevent, manage, and streamline the claims process for workplace accidents. They serve as a bridge among employees, employers, and insurance carriers to speed up the process of settling claims related to workplace incidents.  

Use Case

The main challenge for Aclaimant was the manual data entry of facts and figures in claim forms. Aclaimant receives forms from both businesses and insurance carriers in PDF format which are then manually transcribed to extract pieces of information that are compiled into a standardized report in CSV and Excel formats. The final report goes into the Aclaimant’s proprietary system for updating records on all fronts, giving all parties a centralized view of the claim’s status, details, and progress. Since the forms came in PDF format, it took hours to transcribe them and create Excel and CSV reports for loading data into the Aclaimant system and data warehouse for further processing. In addition, the changing claim values and other dimensions required updating the system, which meant manually transcribing and entering the revised information. 

Enter Astera ReportMiner

After assessing various data extraction solutions in the market, Aclaimant chose Astera ReportMiner. ReportMiner is a complete data extraction solution that is built to handle a range of unstructured data formats including PDFs, PDF forms, TXT, PRN, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX. It combines rule-based data extraction with an enterprise-grade ETL engine to help businesses free data from unstructured files.  

Using Astera ReportMiner’s report modeling features, Aclaimaint was able to easily create extraction templates for incoming PDF files and define patterns for extracting data into the desired format. With extraction templates in place, they can reuse them as many times as needed in dataflows to process the incoming claim forms. All they have to do is run a simple dataflow where they use the Report Source object to select the report model and the source file, and specify the destination to get output in the desired format. Operations Manager, Susan Park reported that when ReportMiner eliminated the manual data extraction process, Aclaimant experienced a 50 percent reduction in time and resources spent in preparing files for its proprietary system and data warehouse.  


Aclaimant offers incident and claims management solutions to a large network of employees, employers, and insurance carriers. 




Astera ReportMiner  

Use Case

Aclaimant used ReportMiner to extract data from claim forms in PDF format into Excel and CSV reports using extraction templates to accelerate the process. 


Thanks to Report Miner, Aclaimant saw a 50 % reduction in time and resources spent in manually transcribing claim forms. 

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