40% Time Savings

in Creating and Executing Migration Flows

Clean, Consistent Customer Data

through Robust Data Profiling

Easy-to-Use Tool

for Complex Integration Jobs

 CRC Finds Astera Centerprise to be the Perfect Match for its Legacy Data Migration Needs

CRC Industries is a global supplier of over 1300 chemical specialty products to customers and affiliates in automotive, aviation, healthcare, oil & gas, and many other industries.

CRC had previously performed several migrations for its acquired companies through manually coded flows. But this time around, it wanted to move the colossal amount of global production and customer data from its legacy system to Azure. Due to the vast and complex nature of the project, the IT team sought a solution that could cut the development time for creating migration flows without compromising on data security.

The chemical products supplier implemented Astera Centerprise at the core of the migration project and slashed about 40% of the time spent in programming and performing data transfers to Azure. As a bonus, CRC found the product suitable for profiling and cleaning customer and affiliate data for reporting purposes.

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