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CRC Industries is a global name in chemical specialty products, providing top-of-the-line solutions to business customers in automotive, aviation, electrical & utility, healthcare, oil & gas, general manufacturing, and several other industries. The company caters to customers and affiliates in Europe, USA, Australia, China, South Africa, and other regions. CRC manufactures over 80 million cans of aerosol products in its 26 production facilities every year.

Use Case

CRC Industries wanted to move enterprise-wide data related to customers, internal systems, and affiliates, stored in the legacy system, to Azure cloud. CRC required a solution that could filter customer and affiliate data, which was in disparate formats and layouts, and perform quality checks for consistency and reliability. The platform also had to be able to retrieve, compare, and profile data to create an accurate, complete report.

Additionally, CRC Industries wanted to streamline data handling and migration without extensive coding. They needed a solution which could automate transcribing PDFs into Excel and CSV formats.

“It is a good thing to have Astera Centerprise, and while we bought it mainly for data migration, I see a lot more opportunities to use it. And that’s, of course, a winning situation.”

— Patrick Van Vlierberghe, IT Manager

Enter Astera Centerprise

After reviewing several solutions in the market, the chemical products manufacturer chose Astera Centerprise because of its robust data integration and migration capabilities, scalability, and user-friendly environment.

As Astera Centerprise offers a high-performance, scalable data integration platform, it allowed CRC to keep up with advanced data needs. Powered by an enterprise-grade, parallel processing engine, Centerprise offered the global supplier data syncing, mapping, transformation, parsing, and extraction capabilities, all through a single platform.

Astera Centerprise’s industrial-strength ETL engine empowers CRC Industries to perform sophisticated migrations to and from virtually any target. For meeting customer data requirements, CRC moved the Astera server to Microsoft Azure, using it as a gateway for all of its other systems hosted on the cloud. This made data movement smoother and more flexible for CRC. CRC also utilized Centerprise’s data profiling and validation features to ensure consistency in its incoming data from legacy systems.


CRC Industries is a global supplier of over 1300 chemical specialty products to customers and affiliates in automotive, aviation, healthcare, oil & gas, and many other industries. 


Manufacturing and Distribution  


CRC was stuck manually creating migration flows for moving internal and external data assets from legacy systems to the cloud, leading to inconsistent and unreliable data.  


Astera Centerprise  

Use Case 

Centerprise helped CRC Industries to achieve large-scale legacy data migration to Azure cloud. Additionally, Centerprise standardized customer and affiliate data for reporting through profiling and validation.  


With Centerprise, CRC is now 40 % faster when designing and executing data transfers from their legacy system to Azure.   

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Aside from superior performance, flexibility, and affordability, the CRC team found Centerprise easy-to-learn and fast at executing complex jobs such as sending files in formats that the customers desired. Astera Centerprise has proved to be the perfect match for CRC Industries’ unique data migration and integration needs and exceeded expectations. CRC now enjoys 40 % time savings in programming and performing translations for data transfers, thanks to Centerprise’s powerful functionality, flexibility, and intuitive interface.

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