Ever.Ag is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider to agricultural and food supply chains. They specialize in providing innovative AgTech solutions that empower supply chains to meet rising global demands. With 30 years of industry leading solutions, Ever.Ag serves 200,000+ farms in 3,000+ customer locations. Their portfolio of cutting-edge technology, financial services, and market intelligence solutions provides customers and affiliated Industries with the insights and tools they need to thrive. 

Use Case 

Many of Ever.Ag’s customers send their data in spreadsheet format, each with their own unique structure. Without any other solution, the company’s data team must manually extract and write this data into their SQL database. This process consumes valuable time and resources and puts unnecessary pressure on an already busy data team. 

Ever.Ag needed a streamlined process for importing customer data and efficiently storing it in their SQL database. This new system had to be flexible and scalable, to accommodate the continuous influx of new customers and their proprietary data formats. The company required a user-friendly solution that they could readily utilize whenever they received data from a specific customer. Given that this task was a small but time-consuming aspect of their overall operations, the solution had to be unobtrusive and seamlessly integrated into their existing workflow. 

Enter Astera Centerprise 

Ever.Ag conducted a thorough evaluation of available products on the market and ultimately selected Astera Centerprise due to its user-friendly interface that enabled them to swiftly map customers’ fields to their own document fields. Centerprise’s static lookup functionality also proved invaluable in efficiently translating customer-specific codes. 

With Astera Centerprise, integrating data from existing customers became a breeze. Ever.Ag’s employees simply launch Centerprise and access the corresponding transfer setting for the specific customer file format. Creating a new transfer setting takes mere minutes and can be saved for future use. 


Ever.Ag is a solutions provider in the agribusiness domain with 3,000+ customer locations.


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Astera Centerprise

Use Case

Ever.Ag was relying on in-house teams to import client data, which slowed down the client onboarding process and put unnecessary pressure on IT teams.


Astera’s no-code solution significantly alleviated the burden on Ever.Ag’s IT team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and high-value projects.

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Since using Astera Centerprise, Ever.Ag has successfully imported data for multiple customers, achieving a remarkable same-day turnaround. The delivery and importation of data into the database now occurs within the same business day. Consequently, the lag time in loading client data has significantly decreased, allowing for instant mass updates without exhausting excessive time or additional resources. 

“Just being able to load the data ourselves, plus making quick mass updates to things in the database without having to schedule time or pull someone away from other work is our biggest value.”

Forrest Phillips, Director Implementations

Astera’s no-code solution significantly alleviated the burden on Ever.Ag’s IT team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and high-value projects. By freeing up IT resources from the time-consuming task of data import, Ever.Ag experienced improved overall efficiency and productivity throughout the organization. 

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