40k+ Contracts Processed in 4 Days

Instead of weeks

Scale Extraction Processes

According to business needs

Improved After-Sales Experience

For their customers

 This Industry-Leading Engineering Services Provider Uses Astera ReportMiner to Cut Down Processing Time for Their Claims from Weeks to Days!

As a global leader in engineering and services, the Finland-based manufacturing company has operations in over 60 countries. The company also has a worldwide network of distributors serving 450,000+ building owners and facilities management customers. It processes thousands of documents and PDF contracts every day to ensure a smooth installation and after-sales services for escalators, moving walkways, and elevators among other products.

The corporation stores all documentation in the form of regular or scanned PDFs. This ensures all paperwork is readily available in case of claim requests for maintenance and servicing on broken or faulty parts.  The biggest challenge for the company was extracting coverage and exclusion information from 40,000+ contracts manually. The lengthy contracts, heavy with legal verbiage, made this process tedious as well as time-consuming. The manufacturing giant needed an effective solution to automate data extraction while cutting down the resources needed for the process.

After evaluating different data extraction solutions available in the market such as Monarch, PDF Focus, and more, the manufacturing company chose Astera ReportMiner because it provided them with the simplest way to solve their problem while generating actionable results in the desired format. The company now runs simultaneous workflow, scaled according to the number of different document formats it receives, improving its after-sales performance exponentially.

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