Extracted and Consolidated Data

from Multiple File Formats

Gained Access to Analysis-Ready Data

by Scheduling Integration Processes Overnight

Built a Data Warehouse

with Automated Data Pipelines

MEA Automates Data Extraction and Integration Tasks to Build its Data Warehouse

Michigan Education Association (MEA) is an education association founded in 1852 that represents about 120,000 educators in the state. Leveraging the power of data, the association works hard to resolve member issues, prepare invoices, and develops continuing education programs.

Before Astera Centerprise, MEA did not have any way to automate or schedule routine data integration tasks. Unsurprisingly, this lack of automation also meant that the association did not have a data warehouse that could serve as a single source of truth with consolidated data from the many different file formats that MEA uses. MEA wanted to have access to analysis-ready data at the beginning of the work day, however, employees were expected to manually download, filter, and integrate data from files with millions of records.

With Astera Centerprise, the association has eliminated the manual effort involved to download and process data, build a MySQL data warehouse, and populate it with data from its MS SQL transactional system. This data warehouse has enabled the organization to build an online membership application, allowing MEA to assist members more efficiently.

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