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EDI 315 Status Details (Ocean)

July 6th, 2023

What is an EDI 315 Status Details (Ocean)?

EDI 315 is an electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction set used in the context of supply chain management. It is known as the “Status Details (Ocean)” transaction set and provides detailed information about the status of a shipment in ocean transportation.

The EDI 315 transaction set contains information such as:

  1. The current status of the shipment, such as whether it has been loaded onto the vessel, in transit, arrived at a port, or delivered.
  2. Specific events related to the shipment, such as vessel departure and arrival times, container loading and unloading, customs clearance, and other relevant milestones.
  3. Details about the physical location of the shipment, including the port of loading, port of discharge, and any intermediate stops along the transportation route.
  4. Equipment used for transporting the goods, such as container numbers, seal numbers, and equipment types.
  5. Various reference numbers that can be used to track and identify the shipment, including booking numbers, bill of lading numbers, and reference numbers provided by the carrier or the customer.
  6. The status of the equipment used for the shipment, including details about container availability, condition, maintenance, and repair status.
  7. Notifiications about any unexpected events or issues that may impact the planned schedule or delivery, so that the involved parties can take appropriate measures

By exchanging EDI 315 messages, trading partners involved in the ocean transportation of goods can keep each other informed about the progress and status of shipments, enabling better coordination, planning, and decision-making throughout the supply chain

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 315 Status Details (Ocean)

EDI 315 falls under the category of X12I Transportation transaction set. Authorized parties use it to find out about the reporting status and event details associated with shipments and containers. Businesses also use this EDI document with other data sets to exchange information related to ocean carriers.  

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