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EDI 866 Production Sequence

November 23rd, 2018

What is an EDI 866 Production Sequence?

EDI 358 transaction set facilitates a receiver of goods in obtaining the order in which their shipments are to reach one or more than one locations or to define the order in which goods are to be unloaded from the method of conveyance, or both. It describes the sequence in which goods shall be entered in the process of material handling, or shall be used in the process of production or both. The transaction set may not be useful for authorizing material, labor or any other related resources and revising any product specifications.

The data contents and format of EDI 866 Production Sequence are used for the electronic interchange of information. It is divided into various segments and data elements.

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 866 Production Sequence

EDI 866 falls under the category of X12M Supply Chain transaction set. This transaction set provides receivers of goods to request the order in which their goods are to reach their or to define the method of conveyance, which is to be used for their unloading.

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