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Cloud Data Integration: The Rapid Growth of Hybrid and Multi Cloud

March 17th, 2023

Modern IT infrastructures often become a tangled web of multiple environments. As businesses transition to the cloud and let go of their on-premises infrastructure, enterprise data gets divided between on-premises and cloud platforms, both public and private.

Businesses bound by privacy concerns have no option but to retain some of their data on-premises and move some of the workloads to the cloud. Some opt for private cloud solutions, while others bet on public cloud vendors.

Enterprises often choose more than one cloud vendor to leverage their unique capabilities. However, multiple environments often translate into architectural complexity and data siloes. Also, moving data between different systems can be time-consuming and may lead to discrepancies.

To mitigate these challenges and leverage the full potential of the cloud, businesses must be able to integrate their data environments seamlessly. That’s where cloud data integration comes into the equation, as it ties down all environments and gives businesses a single source of truth.

This infographic discusses the hybrid and multi-cloud trends, the benefits of cloud data integration, and how an automated, code-free tool data integration tool like Astera Centerprise makes it easier to work with multiple environments.

Start integrating data from hybrid and multi cloud environments without writing any code. Download Astera Centerprise Free Trial.

Download Cloud Data Integration – The Rapid Growth of Hybrid and Multi Cloud infographic.

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