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Data Governance: Roadmap to Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

Zoha Shakoor

Content Strategist

April 24th, 2024

According to a recent survey from NewVantage Partners, 99% of top executives agree that a data-driven culture is essential. However, only a quarter of them have been successful in creating one, highlighting the need for effective data governance.  

Data governance refers to a complete framework that ensures data is accurate, secure, and used correctly. This framework includes strategies, policies, standards, and processes. It enables businesses to use their data for strategic decision-making, ensuring data quality, security, and alignment with business objectives.  

Effective data governance helps companies comply with data protection laws, enhance data quality, and gain a competitive advantage by making data-driven decisions through reliable information. 

data governance roadmap to success

Final Words  

For businesses to really use their data well and achieve their goals, the key is to have good data governance in place. This means starting with the right steps to collect data that’s both accurate and safe now, to help build a future where decisions are driven by data.

Astera’s   data governance tool makes this essential work easy. With features for checking data quality automatically, keeping data safe, and organizing data details simply, Astera turns this big challenge of governing data into something you can handle step by step. These tools help businesses make the most of their data, giving them an edge over competition.  

Experience the journey towards effective data governance. Visit our website or schedule a demo to seize the opportunity to stand out in the digital age. 

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