Accelerate Data Warehouse Development with Data Modeling

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An effective data warehouse should offer excellent query performance, ease-of-use, and most importantly the promise of accurate, validated data. But all of those advantages depend on the data modelling techniques used to build your EDW.

With our metadata-driven data warehouse solution, your data owners can take the reins and build an end-to-end process that delivers on all of those requirements.

Using the intuitive drag-and-drop data model designer you can.

  • Quickly replicate your source schema in a comprehensive data model that shows entity relationships and configurations of the various entities in your operational system.
  • Create an enriched dimensional data model for your data warehouse using your preferred technique, from star and snowflake schemas to data vaults our platform allows for them all.
  • Assign and configure fact and dimension tables in just a few clicks.
  • Use our dedicated date/time dimension tables to quickly group data according to your preferred time period.
  • Dive into the dimension metadata and assign surrogate keys, slowly changing dimension types, and rules for early arriving facts.
  • Deploy your data model for consumption inside and outside your enterprise
  • Use our built-in fact and dimension loaders to accelerate data mapping from OLTP to OLAP. Condense hours of work into a few simple dataflows.

Accelerate Data Warehouse Development with Data Modeling in Astera DW Builder