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Simplifying PDF Data Extraction with ReportMiner 10.0

February 23rd, 2024

IDC estimates that 80% of data generated and collected by organizations is unstructured, i.e., stored in a format that is not easily extractable. PDFs are among the most widely used unstructured file formats for storing and exchanging business information. Despite the extensive usage of PDFs, content stored in them is not machine-readable, hence cannot be easily extracted and organized into rows and tables. So, how can enterprises overcome the problem of PDF data extraction?

Of course, one way is manually hand-keying the data from each PDF document into the system. But this method can be painfully time-consuming for extracting large volumes of data and increase lead time for business processes.  That’s why when it comes to extracting data from PDF documents at scale, automation becomes necessary.  Data extraction tools with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities can automatically capture data from PDF documents, transform the data into a structured format, and load it into a database.   

Intelligent Document Processing is the Way Forward 

 Modern PDF extraction solutions use AI technology to identify patterns in text and build templates to extract data automatically. These solutions can efficiently extract data from any format of PDF document without any manual effort.  As a result, the entire PDF data extraction process is completed in a mere few seconds, which helps reduce the time-to-insight journey and optimize business operations. 

Astera ReportMiner – Your AI-Driven Data Extraction Solution 

 Astera ReportMiner is an enterprise-grade solution designed to capture, transform and convert unstructured data into a structured format. It allows you to fully automate the PDF data extraction process using reusable extraction templates. Driven by AI and machine learning algorithms, Astera ReportMiner allows you to capture data from PDF documents at scale. And now with AI capture, you can extract data 10x faster than traditional extraction methods. 

Read this infographic to find out how Astera ReportMiner helped Acclaimant reduce data processing time:

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