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Key Takeaways

  • Easily extract data from diverse unstructured sources in minutes, with just a single click using AI-powered report models. 
  • Streamline your workflow with built-in ETL and workflow automation functionalities. 
  • Create tailored data quality rules to ensure that parsed data aligns with your desired format, ensuring accuracy and reliability. 
  • Load your extracted data into any destination of your choice, leveraging our extensive library of built-in connectors. 
  • Drastically reduce the time spent on data preparation with intelligent features like automated parsing and auto-creation of data regions and data fields. 
  • Create extraction models that work seamlessly across multiple files sharing similar formats, scaling up your data onboarding processes effortlessly.


AI-Powered Document Processing with Astera

About the webinar

Enterprises deal with a lot of business documents available in different layouts and formats across several business units, ranging from invoices, purchase orders, forms, and financial statements. 80% of these documents contain unstructured data. Processing these documents manually is a resource-intensive task and not the best option for modern organizations. Automated solutions have become imperative to extract unstructured data at speed and scale without compromising the data integrity and quality. 

AI-powered data extraction solutions like Astera ReportMiner can help businesses overcome this problem. Astera ReportMiner is an enterprise-grade unstructured data management tool that puts data extraction processes on autopilot with AI. 

Watch our data extraction and Astera product expert, Ayesha Amjad in conversation to discuss how you can unlock the full potential of data in minutes

Ayesha Amjad

Ayesha Amjad, spearheads Astera's AI strategy. With 4+ years in the field, Ayesha has honed a diverse skill set, successfully launching enterprise-grade products, including Astera's inaugural AI-integrated feature. An expert in unstructured data management, AI, and data science, she provides consultancy to Fortune 500 companies and small to medium businesses on complex data use-cases, while also mentoring up-and-coming APMs.

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