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Key Takeaways

  • The current state of API landscape
  • The benefits of API-led development
  • How to build and manage powerful APIs in 80% less time without coding
  • A look into Astera’s no-code API Management solution


Unlock the Power of APIs the Code-Free Way

About the webinar

APIs are quickly becoming the key to unlocking digital transformation. They are no longer just a means to connect data systems, but rather they have turned into revenue generating opportunities.

In this webinar, our expert panelists – Mehdi Medjaoui, Amancio Bouza, and Mike O Quinn dove into the exciting world of APIs and shared insights on the limitless potential of APIs for businesses. They also laid down a roadmap for you to get started on building your own APIs. The webinar video also includes an up-close look at Astera’s Code-free API Management solution.

Mehdi Medjaoui

Mehdi Medjaoui is the co-founder of Webshell SAS (OAuth.io, GetMateria.com) and the co-founder of the APIdays.io conferences series.

Amancio Bouza

Amancio Bouza is the author of the API Product Management book and has several years of experience as API Product Manager, Product Owner, Technical Lead, and Engineer in the telco industry.

Mike O Quinn

Mike A. O’Quinn has been with Astera Software for over 15 years. He currently leads the product development and IT departments as the Chief Technology Officer.

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