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Build API Mashups with Zero Coding

Combine Multiple APIs and Expose them as One

An API mashup consolidates and extends pre-developed functionalities through multiple APIs and services and presents them as one. Thus, driving collaboration between developers and stakeholders. An API mashup also helps enhance experience for API consumers, eliminating the need to deal with several APIs. It is an opportunity to leverage the functionality of external APIs and build customized products.

Astera API Management is a code-free API lifecycle management solution that allows you to effortlessly build, test, deploy, secure, and monitor APIs. Astera API Management drastically simplifies the creation of an API mashup. Our solution comes with a mature API consumption component that allows you to rapidly ingest third-party APIs. Plus, it visually appealing designer lets you seamlessly create sophisticated flows that chain many APIs together.

Increase Reusability

Cut down development costs and improve productivity by promoting discovery and reusability with API mashups. Easily repurpose the functionality of existing APIs instead of building them from scratch.

Foster Innovation

Enrich your value offerings by effortlessly customizing and integrating existing third-party APIs with your business APIs. Add new capabilities and functionalities to your product while focusing on your core expertise.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Discover new point of sales and come up with new product offerings by plugging together disconnected services and functionalities. Mix and match third-party APIs and offer a unique value proposition for potential customers.

Boost Agility

Quickly modify your products and services to market changes and respond to customer demands by building faster. Use Astera’s zero-code environment to accelerate delivery time and increase your business’s resilience to competition.

Rapidly Mix APIs and Deliver New Business Solutions

Use Astera’s built-in connectors, and REST API Browser to easily access data from third-party APIs and integrate it with other sources.

Instantly set up API flows from request to response and use Astera’s built-in transformations, sort, and filter options to enhance the performance of your APIs

Automatically generate Open API Swagger documentation post-deployment and make consumption easier for developers and API consumers.

Use Role-based user access and Tokenization to secure your APIs before sharing them with internal and external stakeholders.

Leverage Astera’s code-free environment to instantly build API mashups. Automate the backend of your API mashups and effortlessly call multiple APIs with a single service.

Keep a track of your API consumption and usage trends through a visually appealing live dashboard and find opportunities to monetize your APIs.

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