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Automate Building a Data Warehouse
for Faster

Set Up Your Enterprise Data Warehouse from the Ground Up on a Single Platform — in a Matter of Days

Whether you’re building a data warehouse from scratch or updating an existing one, the time-to-completion depends on the amount of manual work involved. Astera Data Warehouse Builder minimizes manual involvement and allows business users to get critical insights faster, and front-line employees to make quick, informed decisions.

With Astera Data Warehouse Builder, users can automate all time-consuming tasks involved in the design, development and maintenance of an Enterprise Data Warehouse. With manual effort removed from the equation, IT teams are free to focus on strategic tasks, while the business users can take charge of relevant data and mine insights quickly.

Automate data warehousing operations by 80%

Process BI insights faster by minimizing human intervention in job orchestration and DWH design, deployment and management.

Build your data warehouse iteratively

Incorporate changes in business requirements and source systems as the need arises, without going through major overhauls. Integrate and make changes seamlessly.

More control for business units

Free IT teams from manual, time-consuming tasks, and allow front-line business users to take control of data without much IT intervention.

Unified Data Warehousing platform

Instead of struggling with code and dealing with multiple development tools, use a single platform to design, develop and maintain all aspects of an enterprise data warehouse.

A Feature-Rich Platform to Handle all Data Warehousing Needs

Connect to all major on-premise database providers like SQL Server and Oracle, and cloud database providers like Snowflake and Azure Cloud

Use full or partial pushdown optimization to process and save time on loading large volumes of data and enhance query performance.

Set up custom rules to profile, cleanse and validate data during processing. Use automation to email error logs for data review.

Transform, merge and apply validation rules directly to the retrieved data before populating the fact or dimensional tables.

Build a model from scratch, reverse engineer it from an existing database, import erwin data models for further processing and more.

Use the built-in OData service module to propagate business data to BI tools like PowerBI and QlikView for reporting and analysis.

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