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Accelerate your Cloud Data Migration Journey

Extract, transform, integrate, and load your data to the cloud in a code-free environment.

Take the Simpler, Faster Route to the Cloud

Effortlessly migrate your on-premises data warehouse, databases, and file systems to the cloud platform of your choice.

Supercharge Your Cloud Data Migration Journey With a Unified, No-Code Platform

Cut Down Migration Time

Migrate high volume data with minimum downtime and unlock faster time to value using Astera's industrial-strength, parallel processing ETL engine and automation features.

Ensure Clean and Consistent data

Use built-in data quality features including data profiling, data cleanse, and data quality rules to ensure only healthy data reaches to the cloud.

Lower Migration Costs

Take advantage of Astera's code-free UI and empower users to create dataflows, engineer efficient data pipelines, and orchestrate the entire cloud migration process without burning expensive IT resources.

Bridge Data Silos

Effortlessly integrate your enterprise data sources with Astera's built-in connectors and link to your target destinations within minutes.

CRC Cuts Development Time by Half for Large-Scale Data Migration to the Cloud

“On a scale of 100, I’d say that instead of 50% of our time doing the translation, we now use 10% of it only because Centerprise is so fast at changing and testing things.”
Patrick Van Vlierberghe, IT Manager

Manage Seamless, End-to-End Cloud Data Migration with Astera

Modernize your on-premises databases and data warehouses by migrating to popular cloud platforms, including Amazon S3, Redshift, Snowflake, Google Cloud Storage, and more.

Connect to an array of legacy data systems, including unstructured data sources and API endpoints, across your enterprise and effortlessly move data to the cloud.

Harness the power of built-in transformations to manipulate, filter, and enrich data before it reaches your target destinations.

Move your data to the cloud quickly and securely by building fully automated, scalable, and reusable data pipelines.

Make changes to the database schema before creating database entities in the cloud environment. Add and delete entities, their relationships, and even fields, without writing scripts.

Skip the manual effort by automating the cloud migration process using trigger-based job scheduling.

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