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Data migration is the cornerstone to any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. A carefully planned data migration strategy is key to a project that comes in on time and on budget and delivers high-quality results. The Astera platform offers rich hierarchical data mapping capabilities to overcome the challenges of migrating complex hierarchical structures such as XML, electronic data interchange (EDI), web services, and more.

Carry out your data migration strategy faster using an agile, code-free platform

Migrations often involve high volumes of data across heterogeneous environments with disparate source and target data structures. This data must be transformed using complex mappings and transformations, and data consistency must also be maintained between the old and new systems. For smarter data migrations, a business needs an easy-to-use environment to test complex integration flows that offers connectivity to a wide range of sources. The platform should also be scalable enough to handle massive data volumes and provide rich data transformation and data quality capabilities.

Astera Software brings together data integration, data quality, and profiling features in a single, more manageable environment that facilitates the creation and execution of a successful data migration project with built-in quality measurement and data cleansing. Our platform also offers extensibility and openness to add custom functions, destinations, sources, or transformations to fulfill any requirement. Reduce risks and lower project costs by using a proven data migration methodology that has been successful in hundreds of complex customer projects.

The Smarter, Easier Way to Conduct Successful Data Migrations Quickly