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Why you should adopt data synchronization into your data management processes?

Single Source of Truth

Ensure that a single version of truth (SVOT) is in place for all key processes.

Cut down on duplicates, errors, and other inconsistencies by synchronizing data between two systems or more; as long as your source data is validated, you will have a higher quality of data across your entire enterprise.

You will have an up-to-date set of your source data in multiple locations. If you experience critical data loss in one area, it can be quickly rectified through bidirectional data synchronization from a linked database. 

Easily open avenues for collaboration between different departments by aligning your data infrastructure. 

Avoid much of the manual effort involved in moving updated data from one system to another by switching to an end-to-end data integration platform like Astera’s data pipeline builder  

Steps to synchronize your data using Astera

Create a data synchronization strategy to extract data from third party systems and move it to the product’s staging area for preparation. 

Astera offers advanced change data capture functionality that allows you to identify updates, deletion, and modifications in source systems based on time or event-based triggers for more efficient data synchronization. 

You can create a workflow to automate data synchronization process that will run at predefined intervals and detect data changes in an active server.  

With each subsequent load, changes are tracked in additional metadata fields. The ETL engine will then pick up these changes and apply them to your destination object. 

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Don’t take our word for it.

CRC Cuts Development Time by Half for Large-Scale Data Migration to the Cloud

It is a good thing to have Astera, and while we bought it mainly for data migration, I see a lot more opportunities to use it. And that’s, of course, a winning situation.

CRC Cuts Development Time by Half for Large-Scale Data Migration to the Cloud

On top of the hours and weeks (Astera) has saved the data reporting team, it has actually increased our revenue by over $100,000 because of the higher accuracy of data sent to the state.




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