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Once data leaves a system or is modified in an application, a business must ensure that this change is reflected in every system using the same data across the enterprise. Data synchronization technologies help businesses create consistency by harmonizing the data. Astera Software employs proprietary Change Data Capture (CDC) methods to enable real-time enterprise data integration processes by identifying changed data sets in source systems and propagating only those changes.

Synchronize enterprise data with Astera’s intuitive Change Data Capture solution.

Business today demands up-to-the-minute data. Latency requirements are shrinking at the same time as data volumes are increasing. Moving entire datasets via a batch-oriented integration method is no longer viable — your business has more data than ever and you need to be able to share it with vendors, partners, and other internal teams and applications faster and more efficiently. Today’s successful businesses require a smarter approach to data integration. CDC increases operational efficiencies, saving time and resources by eliminating redundant data transfer.

Astera’s CDC technology is a smarter way to ensure peak performance of your mission critical applications and databases, so your information is as up to the minute as you need it to be and is synchronized across the enterprise. We support a variety of change data capture strategies, including both batch and real-time, enabling you to select the appropriate strategy for your environment and requirements.

The Smarter, Easier Way to Synchronize Data across Systems and Applications