Legacy Data Modernization2020-02-14T10:35:29+00:00

An enterprise’s ability to compete in the era of big data relies on how well it utilizes its data. Astera Software offers a suite of high-performance data solutions that are designed to help businesses realize the full potential of their information assets by combining traditional data with modern data streams.

Bring your mainframe data to life with our legacy data integration solution

In today’s world, where the data architecture of a business comprises of disparate cloud-based and on-premise applications, businesses continue to face the challenge of integrating legacy data with data generated from modern data streams. Legacy systems that have reliably served the needs of the enterprise for a long time can quickly become a drag on both cost and resources without a high-performance data integration solution.

Astera Software answers this challenge with its industrial-strength data solutions that offer support for a variety of legacy data formats, thereby providing businesses with a future-proof solution to address their data integration needs. With the ability to read COBOL files and copybooks, Astera Centerprise helps businesses integrate mainframe data with big data for data warehousing and analytical purposes.

Find a Simpler, More Efficient Way to Leverage Your Mainframe Data