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Why you need to use templates for data extraction?

Data extraction templates can assist your company’s data extraction strategy by streamlining and accelerating the process. 


Once a template is created, it can be used for as long as needed, removing the need to process individual files separately 

Data extraction templates do not need to be changed once set up unless the data demands modifications. Changes can be made easily, without hassle.  

Templates can extract data from all files with the same pattern without any manual intervention. Employees can focus their time on more important tasks.

How Astera’s data extraction solution does template based extraction

Astera enables a business to liberate business data trapped in documents such as PDFs, PDF forms, PRN, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX for ingestion. 

You can link our job scheduler to a particular folder or email, so that when a file comes in, it is automatically moved to our data extraction software. When a file drops into the folder, you can use Astera to pick it from the designated folders

With data extraction workflows, extracting information from the data and transforming it is easier and quicker.

You can send the transformed data to one destination for review (in case of errors) or to another destination for further processing. 

Astera’s built in name and address auto parsing features make the process that much easier.  

With instant data preview, you can view output data quickly. This helps you create templates that best suit the project’s purpose, and any identify errors before execution. 

Learn more about how Astera’s data extraction solution can help you create templates for extraction.

Don’t take our word for it.

CRC Cuts Development Time by Half for Large-Scale Data Migration to the Cloud

It is a good thing to have Astera, and while we bought it mainly for data migration, I see a lot more opportunities to use it. And that’s, of course, a winning situation.

CRC Cuts Development Time by Half for Large-Scale Data Migration to the Cloud

On top of the hours and weeks (Astera) has saved the data reporting team, it has actually increased our revenue by over $100,000 because of the higher accuracy of data sent to the state.




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