Template-Based Data Extraction2021-03-15T12:17:29+00:00

The digital transformation era demands a reduction of paper-based reports and a need to unlock the data trapped within for analysis and strategic insight. Extraction of unstructured data for analysis, while necessary, usually requires considerable manual scripting and IT involvement. With Astera, business users can take a user-friendly, efficient data extraction approach in a completely visual interface and create reusable extraction templates to process reports based on their layout.

Extract, convert, and prepare unstructured data for analysis in minutes

80% of the time spent developing analytics is taken up by preparing data. IT has traditionally been the data custodian in organizations, and business users must rely on IT to convert unstructured data to structured for analysis. This reduces agility. A visual approach to data extraction ensures minimal IT intervention. Our platform walks business users through the process of identifying critical data in reports, building the data extraction logic, scrubbing and validating the extracted data, and sending it to the destination of choice.

Astera enables a business to liberate business data trapped in documents such as PDFs, PDF forms, PRN, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX for ingestion. Users build reusable use-case and data extraction templates based on text mining patterns. These templates can be deployed to automatically extract desired data points from incoming documents. The platform has built-in automation features to orchestrate workflows that take data all the way from capture and verification, to conversion and loading into a data warehouse or data visualization software for analysis.

The Smarter, Easier Way to Build Reusable Data Extraction Models