A Guide to Data Warehouse Designing2024-02-10T02:18:23+00:00

Analytics and business intelligence are at the heart of all forward-thinking organizations. But how do you know if your analytics architecture can support the dynamic requirements of your organization in a competitive business landscape?

Creating a powerful data warehouse is the first step to a robust data analytics architecture. By creating a well thought-out data warehouse, you will be able to feed your analytics tools with reliable, complete, and accurate data that can be used for reporting and effective BI. That said, certain factors and best practices can be the difference between a functional data warehouse that supports your analytics efforts and a data warehouse that struggles to keep up with your BI needs.

In this guide to data warehouse designing, you’ll learn:

  • What data warehousing is
  • Different data warehouse architectures
  • Steps for designing a data warehouse
  • Factors to consider when designing a data warehouse
  • Best data warehouse design practices

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