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Astera’s Data Pipeline Builder Recognized by G2 Fall 2023 Reports as a Key Player in Data Mapping, ETL, and Integration

Sameen Faisal

Influencer Marketing & Digital PR Lead

November 27th, 2023

November 27, 2023, Westlake Village, CA – Centerprise,
Astera’s data pipeline builder, has made a significant impact in the G2 Fall 2023 reports. Recognized for its excellence in on-premises data integration, ETL tools, and data mapping, Centerprise stands out in the technology landscape as a niche player.

G2’s reports are renowned for their authenticity, drawing on real user reviews to identify top software worldwide. They offer a clear insight into the latest technology and software market trends.

Astera Centerprise: Build Automated Data Pipelines with Just a Few Clicks

Astera Centerprise is a comprehensive, user-friendly data integration platform that simplifies data extraction, transformation, integration, and warehousing – all within a single, automated framework. Astera Centerprise is powered by a robust, enterprise-grade parallel-processing engine, which helps quickly create automated data pipelines. 

Astera Centerprise’s recognition in the niche quadrant includes:

Find out why G2 recognized Astera Centerprise by exploring the reviews here.

Why Astera Centerprise?

Data Mapping with Ease: Astera Centerprise supports all types of integrations, ranging from manual, point-to-point integration to semantic. It merges data quality, profiling, and automation into one visually intuitive, code-free environment. The platform’s standout feature is its drag-and-drop functionality, making it an ideal solution for navigating complex hierarchical data structures like XML, EDI, and web services.

Quality-First Approach: Centerprise employs built-in profiling, validation, and correction capabilities to ensure data quality. The platform’s support for reusable maps and modular dataflow development not only enhances efficiency but also redirects human resources towards more strategic initiatives.

Power and Flexibility: As a robust data solution, Centerprise supports an extensive range of file formats and databases. This capability significantly speeds up the integration process with partners and reduces the time to market for mapping projects.

Intuitive Visual Data Mapping: The platform’s code-free environment empowers any user, regardless of technical expertise, to create, debug, and manage intricate dataflows and mappings. Astera’s focus on intuitive design translates complex tasks into simple drag-and-drop or single-click operations, eliminating the need for coding. This approach markedly improves productivity and efficiency in data mapping, validation, and cleansing.

Centerprise’s user-friendly interface and versatile functionalities make it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to enhance their data integration processes, ensuring quality, efficiency, and a faster return on investment. Schedule a demo today!

Cherry Health Transforms Patient Record Management with Astera Centerprise, Achieving Remarkable Cost Savings

Cherry Health overcame its complex and costly recordkeeping challenges by adopting Astera Centerprise which streamlined their process by consolidating various database records into a single data warehouse and efficiently extracting data from scanned forms. As a result, Cherry Health experienced significant cost savings, eliminated the need for physical document handling, and achieved rapid turnaround times, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

“Having Centerprise in our toolset means that we are virtually unlimited in our ability to perform data integration projects in our systems.” – Andre Beaumont, Senior Database Manager at Cherry Health

About G2

G2 is the world’s leading software marketplace, trusted by over 60 million people annually, including Fortune 500 company employees. It offers comprehensive software and services comparisons based on social data and user ratings.

About Astera

Astera, a leading data solution provider, helps bridge the data-to-insight gap with its high-performance, user-friendly data management solutions. Astera’s products, praised for their intuitive interface and advanced functionality, serve both developers and non-developers. Trusted by government departments and Fortune 500 companies like USDA, US Dept. of VA, Xerox, HP, Novartis, and Raymond James, Astera enables businesses to focus less on data management and more on utilizing data effectively.

Discover Astera’s offerings on G2 and learn how they can transform your data-driven processes, enhance functionality, and enable real-time decision-making. Stay updated by visiting Astera’s website and following them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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